Facts and figures

ACCESS Linnaeus Centre was founded on a ten year Linnaeus grant, awarded by the Swedish Research Council in 2006.


ACCESS Income and Expenses 2011 - 2016.pdf (pdf 80 kB)

Annual Turnover

The annual turnover of 10 million SEK makes it to one of northern Europe’s largest research centers on future networked systems.


The budget has been substantially provided through grants from The Swedish Research Council, the European Commission, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, European Research Council, Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and Ericsson.

Ericsson provides a cash contribution of 1,5 million SEK per year to the Centre. In addition, both KTH and Ericsson provides significant in-kind contributions to the Centre.



NSF sponsors the ACCESS EU-US08 Workshop on Networked Information and Control Systems, which aimed at bringing together researchers from EU and USA.

Thematic areas

ACCESS makes research in four main thematic research areas, which are each lead by an academic coordinator. Projects cut across these areas.

  • Data Analytics
  • Software Defined Networks
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Security, Privacy and Trust

Research fields

Networked systems research encompass expertise in fields like electrical engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, information and communications technology, systems and control theory, network optimization and management and network security.

Interdisciplinary research

ACCESS brings together researchers from Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics and are hosted by the KTH School of Electrical Engineering. Our main activities are located on the KTH Campus, Osquldas väg 10.


Pursues collaboration with companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes, including Ericsson, Scania, ABB, IBM, CISCO, TeliaSonera, Intel, Global IP Solutions, GN ReSound, Interfleet Technology, Rymdbolaget, Swedish Defence Research Agency and United Technologies Research Center.


Enjoys partnerships with such universities as UC Berkeley, Stanford, CalTech, ETH Zurich, Tsinghua University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Kyoto University.

Staff and students


ACCESS faculty consists of 37 senior researchers.

Postdoctoral students

The Centre engages 20 postdoctoral students.

PhD students

There are 100 active PhD students in ACCESS.

Graduate School

ACCESS graduate school offers approximately 10 doctoral level courses in networked systems each year.

Postdoctoral program

Our postdoctoral programme admits 1-3 postdoctoral researchers per year within the fields of communications infrastructure, distributed management, networked services and signal and systems theory.

Seminar series

ACCESS Distinguished Lecture Series has brought over 100 internationally renowned researchers to Stockholm (10 times a year) since 2006.

ACCESS Internal Seminar Series, over 130 lunch seminars in various research fields (16 times a year) for the ACCESS Faculty and their PostDocs and PhD students since 2006.

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