• Anders Lindquist invald i Kinesiska vetenskapsakademien

    Publicerad 2016-02-19
    Anders Lindquist, professor emeritus på avdelningen för optimeringslära och systemteori KTH

  • Tage Erlander Guest Professorship 2014

    Publicerad 2014-04-29
    Welcome to attend John Baras inauguration lecture as Tage Erlander Guest Professor with ACCESS and KTH on 26th May. For further details, see the attached invitation and the link below. The event is free and open to all.

  • Sommarjobb som forskare

    Publicerad 2013-09-17
    Utveckla ett smart värme- och ventilationssystem och bygg upp en teststation som kan nås av forskare över hela världen. Det uppdraget fick Daniel Risberg på sitt sommarjobb. Han är en av de 15 KTH-studenter som under nio sommarveckor har fått arbeta med forskningsprojekt inom ACCESS Linnaeus center.

  • Taking the smart road towards efficient transport

    Publicerad 2013-06-27
    The Smart Mobility Lab is taking transportation data and using it to build models that will make roads safer, ease traffic and reduce emissions. A prime example of this is research on heavy duty vehicle platoons.

  • Protection from unseen threats

    Publicerad 2013-06-26
    As the power grid and other systems become smarter and more interconnected with other it infrastructure — such as home appliances, cars, the internet, and, not too far into the future, electric roads, augmented reality glasses and driverless cars — security is crucial.

  • Want to turn an idea into a business? Talk to people in broad terms

    Publicerad 2013-06-04
    Boost your sex life with an algorithm, enhance your travel experience with big data and reduce CO2 emissions with vehicle platooning. That’s just a few of the innovative ideas that were presented during the ACCESS innovation day for researchers.

  • Changing the world with wireless data

    Publicerad 2013-05-22
    By analysing the big data produced by wireless networks, guest professor Maria Papadopouli is changing the paradigm of how users choose and interact with their wireless providers.

  • Cyber-Physical Systems – interagerar med människor och infrastruktur

    Publicerad 2013-05-06
    I en färsk rapport från den amerikanska presidentens teknikrådgivare pekas Cyber-Physical Systems, CPS, ut som ett av de viktigaste områdena inom IKT-sektorn, medan Internet of Things inte nämns alls.

  • Extracting the value from big data

    Publicerad 2013-03-21
    2 500 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 – 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. That is equivalent to the memory in 57.5 billion 32GB iPads. It’s called big data for a reason, but the information content in all that data is very low. Cristian Rojas and Saikat Chatterjee want to extract the essence of the information so that we can estimate and predict the behaviour of complex systems.

  • Ruzena Bajcsy talks current issues on Crosstalks

    Publicerad 2013-02-27
    ACCESS affiliate Ruzena Bajcsy, Prof. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Univ. of California, Berkeley, and honorary doctor at KTH, participates in the web broadcasted TV show Crosstalks 28 February. Focus on this edition of Crosstalks is robotics and artificial intelligence, global health and astrophysics.

  • KTH inbjuder till ACCESS Industriworkshop 2013: En sammankopplad värld – möjligheter och risker

    Publicerad 2013-01-18
    Smartare elnät, aktiva hus, intelligenta transportsystem, fjärrvård, trådlös övervakning, effektivare industri och räddningstjänst. Möjligheterna med trådlösa kommunikationsnätverk känns oändliga. Vilka möjligheter ser vi idag, och vilka är riskerna med en sammankopplad värld? Nu samlar ACCESS center på KTH industri och akademi till ett samtal om trådlösa kommunikationsnätverk – visioner och aktuell forskning. Passa på att ta del av vad experterna tror om framtiden.

  • ACCESS on TEDxStockholm 26 November

    Publicerad 2012-11-24
    Collecting and sharing information is often taken for granted in today’s society. But what would happen if the Internet suddenly went down?

  • Pushing the boundaries of wireless connections with Dynamic Spectrum Access

    Publicerad 2012-10-30
    The wireless speed we pay for today is usually pure fiction. To get your peak rate – let’s say 10 Mbit/s – you would have to be the only person on the entire network surfing the internet. So the reality of the wireless internet is one of slower and more uncertain speeds. Alexander Proutiere is figuring it out.

  • Ökat stöd till ACCESS

    Publicerad 2012-09-09
    ACCESS Linné Center får ökat stöd med 10 procent, totalt 11 miljoner per år eller 44 miljoner, fram till 2016. Det beslutade Vetenskapsrådets styrelse och Formas efter en utvärdering av de Linnémiljöer som startades 2006.

  • Fortsatt finansiering av Linnémiljöer

  • 7th International Symposium on the Turbo Codes & Iterative Information Processing

    Publicerad 2012-04-25
    ACCESS is co-sponsoring the 7th International Symposium on the Turbo Codes & Iterative Information Processing.

  • Smart hus för 22 miljoner

    Publicerad 2012-02-08
    Nu ska KTH-forskare vara med och ta fram ett smart bostadshus. Projektet startar i dagarna, ska pågå i två år och inbegriper några av landets största aktörer inom husbyggande, energi, vitvaror och forskning på området. Dessutom är det ett viktigt steg i riktningen mot smarta elnät.

  • She intends to secure personal data on social networks

    Publicerad 2011-01-18
    How can we guarantee privacy for millions of users of Facebook, Twitter and Wikileaks? We cannot. With a SEK 10 million grant from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, Sonja Buchegger will investigate how we can regain control of our own personal data in social networks.

  • Leading the ICT revolution

    Publicerad 2011-01-14
    Professor Gunnar Landgren was instrumental in creating one of the world’s most dynamic ICT hotspots. ACCESS Centre’s Chair of the Board is the node director of Europe’s biggest initiatives in ICT. His vision is that information and communications technology will have the same impact on society as the mobile phone, which has revolutionized life in developing countries over the last 20 years. He’s in the driver’s seat of a project that demands excellence in research as well as cooperation between the university and companies.

  • Body-born sensors to prevent back pain

    Publicerad 2010-12-07
    He always goes to great lengths to sit upright with a straight back. He has to, otherwise his back hurts. Carlo Fischione, Assistant Professor and researcher at ACCESS Centre, spends many hours in front of the computer every day in order to realise his research dreams. That’s how he came up with the idea for his latest project.

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