Below is a list of the 50 latest publications with connection to ACCESS.

S. Trifunovic et al., "A Decade of Research in Opportunistic Networks : Challenges, Relevance, and Future Directions," IEEE Communications Magazine, 55(1), 168-173.
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C. Verginis, Z. Xu och D. V. Dimarogonas, "Decentralized Motion Planning with Collision Avoidance for a Team of UAVs under High Level Goals," i Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2017 IEEE International Conference on, 2017.
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X. Yi et al., "Distributed Dynamic Event-Triggered Control for Multi-Agent Systems," i The 56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control,December 12-15, 2017 at the Melbourne Convention Center, Melbourne, Australia, 2017.
K. Hashimoto, S. Adachi och D. V. Dimarogonas, "Distributed event-based model predictive control for multi-agent systems under disturbances," i 2014 7th International Conference on Network Games, Control and Optimization, NetGCoop 2014, 2017, s. 255-261.
Y. Zhou et al., "Distributed fault detection with sensor networks using pareto-optimal dynamic estimation method," i 2016 European Control Conference, ECC 2016, 2017, s. 728-733.
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S. Molavipour, G. Bassi och M. Skoglund, "Improved performance bounds for the infinite-dimensional Witsenhausen problem," i 2017 American Control Conference (ACC), 2017, s. 1067-1072.
J. Yoo, K. H. Johansson och H. J. Kim, "Indoor Localization Without a Prior Map by Trajectory Learning From Crowdsourced Measurements," IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 66(11), 2825-2835.
R. Pasquini och R. Stadler, "Learning End-to-end Application QoS from OpenFlow Switch Statistics," i 2017 IEEE CONFERENCE ON NETWORK SOFTWARIZATION (IEEE NETSOFT), 2017.
T. T. Do et al., "Massive MIMO Pilot Retransmission Strategies for Robustification Against Jamming," IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, 6(1), 58-61.
D. Brodén, K. Paridari och L. Nordström, "MATLAB Applications to Generate Synthetic Electricity Load Profiles of Office Buildings and Detached Houses," i Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Asia, 2017.
A. Gharanjik et al., "Max-min transmit beamforming via iterative regularization," i Conference Record - Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, 2017, s. 1437-1441.
H. Shokri-Ghadikolaei, "Millimeter-wave Networking : Fundamental Limits, Scalable Algorithms, and Design Insights," Doktorsavhandling : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-EE, 2017-049, 2017.
Z. Zhang et al., "Modeling and Analysis of Non-Orthogonal MBMS Transmission in Heterogeneous Networks," IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 35(10), 2221-2237.
N. Everitt, "Module identification in dynamic networks: parametric and empirical Bayes methods," Doktorsavhandling : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-EE, 64, 2017.
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