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ACCESS Innovation Day 2013

In collaboration with KTH Innovation


A one-day workshop in cooperation with KTH Innovation to jump start your potential business ideas!

This "hands-on" workshop will build your skills by:

  • instructing how to evaluate and develop ideas into successful innovations;

  • showing how to handle IPRs (patents / legal agreements / etc.);

  • training on how to get people invest money and time in your ideas.

For more details: ACCESS Innovation Day Flyer (pdf 164 kB)


9:00 - 18:00, May 17, 2013


Brinellvägen 64 Entre Plan (M3) 

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If interested, please register here.

We will provide lunch and fika.


Kristina Gustafsson (kristin2@kth.se)

Damiano Varagnolo (damiano@kth.se)