Support to speakers

DLS speakers will be provided with a projector equipped with a video feed and a microphone for audio feed to the camera.

To further enhance the video quality, also think about:

  • It is not allowed to use copyright protected material in the presentation
  • Please arrive the seminar room min 20 minutes before the seminar, to get a better chance to prepare your presentation together with the KTH Media team
  • If you have a Mac computer and want to use your HDMI-exit, please turn off the HDCP copy filter protection. If not possible, bring an VGA adapter for your computer
  • If you are planning to use the whiteboard, give the media team notice of that before the seminar starts
  • Point with the arrow, not the laser beam (the laser beam is not caught on video)
  • Turn towards the audience, so that your back in not caught on video
  • Read on your computer screen, not on the slide show behind you
  • When asked a question, first repeat the question before answering (microphones in the audience are difficult to get on video)
  • It’s ok to shift ones position and move about the stage, but do it slowly
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